The purpose of the Fira Autonomous Car Competition is to encourage researchers to develop and work in this field. Due to the prevalence of coronavirus and the problems of holding competitions in person, the National Robotics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FIRA) will hold this attractive league for researchers this year as a simulator and virtual. The Autonomous cars League includes two separate speed and city competitions.


The National Robotics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FIRA) has designed a special simulator for the participants of this competition for the virtual holding of this league, which will be provided to the participants for free.


These competitions are held in two sections: urban environment and speed, which in the target speed section during the race with the maximum possible speed in the form of self-driving, crossing certain points and not encountering obstacles. In the inner city section, the simulated vehicle must follow the specific route correctly and without encountering obstacles without the user's intervention, using the traffic signs installed along the streets, and reach the destination.


The artificial intelligence algorithms that are developed during these competitions can provide a good basis for moving towards self-driving cars in the future. The general popularity of semi-autonomous cars, which are currently being produced by many companies around the world, indicates the need to create and develop these types of cars.


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