respectly, Following requests from teams participating in the Fira Federation of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Board presidencies regarding the conditions in the Middle East region, the Federation Board's decision on a change to the Federation's 2020 World Championships program is as follows:

1-Accordingly, the host countries of the tournament changed in 2020 and 2021 and the 2020 World Championships in Brazil and the city of Sao Luis on 8-14 August 2020 and the 2020 World Championships in our beloved country of Iran, Tehran, and subsequently Announced, will be held.

2-According to the decision, Iranian interest teams in the student branch can submit their team's technical documentation at a due date, through the same news source and other official sources of the IRI National Robotics Committee, And the World Federation of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is announcing Fira,Participate.

3-For the student section, the only official source for admission to the World Championships is the Free Iran Firacup Competition, which will take place on May 1-4, 2015. The teams which are intrested in participating in the Fira 2020 World Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Competition will simply qualify for the Brazilian Open Firacup Competition (iran2020.firaworldcup.org).

Also, at the end of the last few years, the National Robotics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FIRA) has made every effort to encourage, persuasion and support of Iranian groups who are interested in this field and has done its best to work in this field. It strives to provide the best and most up-to-date scientific and research services in collaboration with all institutions, universities, schools and all those interested in this field. Unfortunately, there were problems with the sponsorship commitments held last year in March, which led to the failure to meet the commitments to the top teams in the various student and student divisions. The Committee, while apologizing for this, declares that it remains committed to these commitments and is working to implement these commitments within the coming months (before the end of this year).

Special thanks to all participants and enthusiasts in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence who in recent years have contributed to the development of this science and its promotion in the country and also supported the programs of the National Robotic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FIRA). Appreciate and invite the student teams and all those interested in this field to participate in the International Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Festival of Iran 2020 in May 99 in line with the upcoming programs and also the hosting of the next year of the FIRA 2021 World Robotics and Intelligence Competitions Synthetic in iran.

With regards, Public Relations of the National Robotics Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran Fira.

2 ارديبهشت 1394 - مدیر سایت

The pre-registration for IRAN FIRA RoboWorldcup Open Competition 2020 has started. Please kindly pre-register your team before the deadline and prepare your TDPs and, if required, other materials for the qualification process.

The Iranian FIRA Regional Chapterand the IRAN FIRACup Open Organizing Committee wish all the participants success at the competitions.



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